Beautiful Upholstered Beds

Matching bedroom set is SOOO over.  Please don’t even think about buying a wooden bed with the matching nightstand and the matching dresser and the matching bench.  If that doesn’t scream “boring” we don’t know what else will.

Upholstered beds are the way to go.  They are pretty, classy, and the best thing is, if you get tired of them they are very easy to re-upholstered in a new fabric (we recommend using a professional though-this is not a DYI project).

Here are some adorable upholstered beds that are super pretty and super affordable:

Alexander Upholstered Bed Tory Upholstered Bed
Tallman Upholstered Bed Sophia Upholstered Bed
Marian Upholstered Bed Ellis Upholstered Bed
Hedren Upholstered Bed Bedford Upholstered Bed

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