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Interior Photography by Francois Halard

Born in 1961, Francois Halard is a noted French photographer whose work appeared in Vogue, House & Garden, GP and many more..

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More interior designs by Gary Hutton

More modern designs by Gary Hutton


Super Pretty Faux Flowers

We’re loving these super pretty faux flower arrangements.  They are super simple and clean-lined, which makes them look more life-like. Our trick is to mix…


Interior Design by Gary Hutton

Modern, clean-lined design by Gary Hutton Images from Gary Hutton Designs


Interior Design by Jennifer Post

Beautiful, modern designs by Jennifer Post


Interior Designs by Catherine Kwong

A gallery of interiors by Catherine Kwong


Interior Design by Emily Gilbert

Soft, pretty designs by Emily Gilbert


Bedroom Gallery

A gallery of pretty bedrooms


Bathroom Gallery

A gallery of pretty bathroom designs


Home Office Gallery

A gallery of pretty home offices

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Comfortable Living Room

A gallery of comfortable living rooms

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Kitchen Gallery

A gallery of beautiful kitchen spaces


Office Gallery

A gallery of beautiful office spaces:


Pretty In Pink

Pink is our favorite accent color, especially with black and white or gray color scheme. *pattern shown on the sofa above is called Kazan by…


Five European Home Décor Blogs You Might Like

We’re always on a look out for new home décor blogs, especially ones that are yet discovered by the masses-they tend to be less commercial and…


Beautiful Upholstered Beds

Matching bedroom set is SOOO over.  Please don’t even think about buying a wooden bed with the matching nightstand and the matching dresser and the…


Bar Carts

A selection of adorable bar carts–perfect when you want something mobile and doesn’t require a lot of room… Image from Domino Magazine


Cozy Linen Furniture

Linen is one of those fabrics that’s fantastic for upholstery and drapery. It looks good and it last forever.  The more you wash it the…


All White Decor

Sometimes all white can be so soothing and calming, doesn’t it?  Take a look at this room above.  Super simple, super clean, and quite easy…


Sunburst Mirrors

Beautiful by itself, but more fun in group, starburst mirrors is an easy way to glam up a wall.

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